Volunteers founded Cork Simon Community 41 years ago. Today some 1,000 volunteers work alongside staff to reach out to and support people who are homeless in Cork or at risk of becoming homeless.

The first volunteers in 1971 organised a nightly Soup Run. To this day a team of volunteers continues to take the Soup Run out onto the streets every night.
Volunteers remain at the heart of everything Cork Simon does. They have helped improve the quality and effectiveness of projects and services for people who are homeless. Voluntarism is one of Cork Simon’s six values:
Both volunteers and paid staff are central to the work of Cork Simon. The time and resources of volunteers is a unique dimension of the Community.
Volunteers are active in every aspect of Cork Simon Community:
  • Board of Directors
  • Full-Time Volunteers
  • Part-Time Volunteers
  • Event Organisers
  • Fundraisers
  • Administration