We believe that everyone should have fair access to
safe, secure and affordable housing

50 Faces of Cork Simon

50 Years in the making, decades in the refining. 50 Faces - one per week, representing the thousands of men and women who make us what we are: people believing in people. These are their words, their stories, our experience.


Author: Will Rossi


Winter is still with us. People who are homeless are vulnerable and still need you. Will you give a Winter gift today?



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Amount raised: €352,017.46

Harry's Story

"I’ve stayed clean in Simon. Now that I’ve got the support I need, my life is two-hundred percent better."
'Harry' has a serious gambling problem and is diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. He has been hospitalised more than 30 times, has been in huge debt and destroyed important relationships as a result of these 2 illnesses.


Author: Paul Sheehan

Our Events


Author: Amy Counihan


men & women stayed in emergency accommodation in Cork in January.


of people staying in our emergency accommodation last year were women.


men & women depended on our soup run in February.