Lockdown Loot (not an annual, hopefully) by Ava and Daniel Shorten

"That poor person is homeless, where will they sleep?" - Ava & Daniel Shorten

On their regular visits into Cork City, brother and sister team from Mallow, Ava and Daniel see the reality of homelessness, prompting many questions to their mam and dad about what they see. They’ve even come to recognise some familiar faces…

They put all their creative talents to work during lockdown to produce Lockdown Loot – a book of their stories, poems and illustrations.

Inspired by pandemic restrictions, 10 year old Ava and Daniel – a year her junior, insisted they donate all proceeds from the sale of their book to our services to help improve the lives of the men and women we support.

Thank you Ava and Daniel for believing in people; believing that we all have a part to play in tackling homelessness.

This pandemic has had plenty of negative effects. Those who don’t have a safe, loving home to call their own are more vulnerable than ever. Read this book for yourself and for them.

Paddy O’Brien, Cork Person of the Year 2019 and author of the foreword to Lockdown Loot.