“I was sleeping by a church, by the Simons, anywhere I could get my head down. You would be afraid to go to sleep. Every piece of your body would be sore. No matter how many blankets or what you have around you, the cold gets in. The cold always gets in.”


Our Outreach Team works on the street and from our Day Service, supporting people sleeping rough, surviving in squats or people who have no other option but to stay with friends – people on the very edge of homelessness.

Throughout 2015 the Outreach Team met 345 people sleeping rough – a 21% increase compared to 2014. Rough Sleeping in Cork increased nine-fold in the four years since 2011.

The Outreach Team work on the streets, with the volunteers on the Soup Run and from the Rough Sleeper Service in our Day Centre. They support people sleeping rough on the street, in tents or in cars and other vehicles; they support people surviving in squats, people who have no option but to stay with friends, and people who are at risk of losing their homes.

Throughout 2015 the Outreach Team supported 124 people surviving in squats – a 70% increase compared to 2014.

The Outreach Team quickly assesses each person’s needs and refers them to services most appropriate to those needs, advocating on their behalf where necessary.

Throughout 2015 our Outreach Team supported 232 people who had no other option but to stay with friends – a 58% increase compared to 2014.

Since 2011 there’s been a dramatic increase in the number of people sleeping rough in Cork. The Outreach Team met 38 people sleeping rough for at least one night in 2011. This increased to 161 people in 2012, increased to 176 people in 2013, increased to 284 people in 2014, and increased again to 345 people in 2015 – a nine-fold increase in four years.

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