“Addiction wants you alone and dead. And it’s the same mentality regardless of what you’re addicted to, whether it’s drugs, alcohol, food, whatever. That’s how my addiction was. I’d use alone and have suicidal thoughts. Now I’m in college and the world is my oyster.”

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Our Youth Homeless Drug Prevention Programme is a key resource for young adults who are at risk of becoming, or who have already become homeless. Almost one fifth of people using Cork Simon services in 2014 were in the 18-26 year old age group. The Youth Homeless Drug Prevention Programme works specifically with this age group – young adults that have little or no direction in their lives, often have poor or no relations with their families and have little life experience to call on.

Throughout 2015, the Youth Homeless Drug Prevention Programme supported 47 young people – 32% were women; 68% were men. Their average age was 23 years.

Supported by the Cork Education and Training Board (formerly Cork VEC) and the Department of Children and Youth Affairs, the Youth Homeless Drug Prevention Programme offers people one-to-one support and referrals to a variety of other agencies and organisations, advocating on their behalf where necessary.