Meet the team

Believe in People
Some of our skilled and experienced team
Graham, Addiction Counsellor

Graham is the Addiction Counsellor in Cork Simon working with an average of 16 people per week, with another 15 people on a waiting list for counseling. “Nobody wakes up and chooses to be an addict. It creeps in insidiously and before you realise, you have been enveloped by it. The one common thing everyone has coming through my door is a feeling of desperation – we all know what that feels like.”

Pamela, HR & Training

Pamela is our HR & Training Administrator, and is responsible for organising 50 trainings a year for staff and volunteers, along with all recruitment processes and policies. “I love working in an environment where people really care about the problem of homelessness and want to make a difference. It’s more than just a day job for us”.

Jason, Team Leader

Jason is a Team Leader at our Emergency Shelter. He’s responsible for coordinating and overseeing the various emergency support services for people who are homeless, many of which operate around the clock. “I am very happy that I am working for an organisation that seeks social justice for people who are homeless and marginalised.”

Fiona, Employment & Training

Fiona is our Training & Employment Coordinator, and is responsible for supporting people who are using our services to gain access to education, further training, work experience and employment opportunities. “It’s very rewarding and fulfilling to see people develop self-belief and to realise that with hard work anything is possible.”

Gus, Maintenance Coordinator

Gus is our Maintenance Coordinator and is responsible for the upkeep of all Cork Simon’s buildings.  “I’ve gotten to know all the residents, so when I call to the houses or the flats to fix something or bring them something like a TV, etc., we sometimes have a bit of a banter and laugh, and it’s great to see them happy having known what they have been through.”

Mark, Team Leader

Mark leads a skilled team of 7 people in our Housing Support Team as they support people on their journey out of homelessness: “It’s not just about providing a roof over someone’s head, it’s about supporting people’s needs so that they remain housed. The team works with people around their mental health, physical health, addiction, independent living skills. It’s also about integration in the community – isolation can be a huge issue.”

Emma, Volunteering

Emma is our Acting Volunteer Co-ordinator at Cork Simon, and is involved in recruiting, training and coordinating all our Full-Time and Part-Time Volunteers. “The work that our volunteers do is not by any means easy but it is rewarding, and I always love to see a volunteer’s reaction when they see the impact of what they do.  A small thing can make a huge difference in someone’s life.  All of our volunteers bring so much to the Community.”

Phillip, Project Worker

Phillip is a Project Worker in our Emergency Shelter, working one-to-one with several residents to support them to move out of homelessness as quickly as possible. “I always approach my work with a quote from Anne Frank in my mind – ‘Everyone has inside of them a piece of good news. The good news is that you don’t know how great you can be.’ It’s part of our work to help people unlock the potential inside themselves and move on with their lives.”

Patricia, Housekeeping Assist

Patricia is the Housekeeping Assistant in our Emergency Shelter. She makes sure all resident areas are clean and comfortable for those who come to us for help.“In the last few years we have had a lot more young people stay in the Shelter. I can see that they’re completely lost and can’t find a way out of their turmoil. That’s the hardest part for me… having to see that happen to our young people.”

Joe, Head of Housekeeping

Joe is Head of Housekeeping at our Emergency Shelter and is responsible for the kitchen, housekeeping and maintenance teams. “When people come to us, they have typically had a tough time so I’m glad I can make sure they get a hot meal, a clean, warm bed, and new suitable clothes. It’s great to be able to give people those first steps of relief. All those little things can help people find a little bit of stability and normality.”