Carla, Care & Support Assistant

“I work in one of Cork Simon’s High-Support Houses. The role is very varied but ultimately I am responsible for helping to make the house a home for the residents.

We do everything that needs to be done in any normal home – cooking, cleaning, shopping, maintenance, and so on. I work to support residents toward independence – we aim to empower residents to be able take care of themselves. Instilling hope and confidence is really important.

I also provide support to a number of amazing full time and part time volunteers.

What I really love about the ethos of Cork Simon is that it gives people hope. People always get a second or a third chance. It is very rewarding to work in an organisation that is professional while having an open door and an open heart to those in need. It is particularly rewarding when this approach pays off and our residents achieve something they have been working towards. The excitement and delight I share with them really fuels my motivation to give my very best when I’m at work.

Being a Care and Support Assistant can be very intense. I give a lot to my work and therefore it an be emotionally draining. It is hard to predict how each day will go so I always need to be on my toes.

I completed an Honours Degree in Social Practice in 2009. Before that I volunteered in Argentina working with street children and I’ve also worked in a care home in Italy for people intellectual and physical disabilities. After college, I volunteered in Galway Simon before being hired there as a relief worker. I then moved to Cork and applied to Cork Simon and was hired as a relief worker. I’ve been with Cork Simon for five years.”