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Caragh Cifone


Homelessness isn’t just living on the streets, it can be living in a hotel, a car
On a friends counch or in an unsafe and mould hotel room. Take a
Minute to think about people still in school, who have to make up
Excuses as to why their friends can’t come over after school.
Living in fear of their friends, classmates, teachers, finding out. Wishing
Every school day would last a little longer
So they wouldn’t have to go ‘home’
Spending time wondering why
No one did anything more to help.
Every day a little more disillusioned and down
Slowly seeing how cruel the world can really be. Wishing
Someone strong would step up and say something.

Author: Caragh Cifone.
Award: Second Merit.
School: Schull Community School.
Teacher: Julie MacMahon