Know your Cork!

Answers for your Cork Simon supporter crossword.

Clues Down

1. Where you’d find food fit for a queen.
 Answer - English Market

2. Today this is where you’ll find Cork Simon’s Emergency Shelter.
 Answer - Andersons Quay

4. Don't forget your poc fada when spelling the name of this venue.
 Answer - Páirc Uí Chaoimh

5. Refurbished by Cork Simon, complete this buidling's name St _ _ _ _ _ _ and Anne's
 Answer - Joachim

Clues Across

3. This building houses more art than customs nowadays _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Art
 Answer - Crawford

6. The red sandstone and white limestone used in this building are said to
 have inspired Cork’s county colours. Does it ring a bell?
 Answer - St Anne’s Church

7. Name this street where the Cork Simon Soup Run began.
 Answer - Church Street

8. His mark on the city and our most vulnerable citizens is set in stone.
 Answer - Fr Theobald Mathew