Time. Experience. Skills.

Image of part-time volunteer doing admin work
Volunteers founded Cork Simon Community over 50 years ago. Today, over 800 volunteers work alongside our highly skilled and experienced staff supporting people experiencing homelessness in Cork.

Our first volunteers in 1971 organised a nightly soup run – volunteers continue to be front and centre at our soup run every night of the year.

Volunteers remain at the heart of everything we do. They continue to help improve the quality and effectiveness of all our services for people who are experiencing homelessness in Cork.

Both volunteers and paid staff are central to the work of Cork Simon. The time and resources of volunteers is a unique dimension of the Community.


Part-time volunteers are involved in every aspect of our work.

Image of part-time volunteers pfacilitating a workshop with service usersPart-time volunteers are:

  • Volunteering in the Emergency shelter.
  • Visiting people in houses and flats.
  • Getting involved people in sports, arts and other activities.
  • Helping people develop life skills like cooking, literacy and numeracy.
  • Volunteering with our outreach team and at our soup run.
  • Gardening, painting and decorating.
  • Helping Cork Simon to raise over €3m.
  • Volunteering in the Office and helping with administration.
  • And doing so much more.


"I really learned how being there for just a few hours makes a difference. One thing that really stands out is the sense of inclusion the activities bring – they’re a stepping stone in the right direction, helping people to get back into society."

Enda, part-time volunteer with our activities team.


What does it take to be a part-time volunteer?

 Image of part-time volunteers fundraisingWe ask all Part-Time Volunteers to:

  • Under-go Garda Vetting before commencing volunteering.
  • Attend three training sessions before commencing volunteering.
  • Give a long-term commitment.
  • Give a few hours per week.
  • Be respectful, understanding & patient.
  • Respect confidentiality.
  • Work as part of a team.
  • And, Believe in People.


"You come away feeling you’ve played some small part in edging that person a little bit closer by virtue of just being there and having the craic, and having no expectations; you’ve provided a little space to this person and for that, made their day a little better."

Jason, part-time volunteering at one of our high-support houses.


Interested in becoming a Part-Time Volunteer?

Interested in becoming a Full-Time Volunteer?

Please call Justé Kingston to discuss your interest:

085 8713 556.

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