We believe that everyone should have fair access to
safe, secure and affordable housing

50 Faces of Cork Simon

50 Years in the making, decades in the refining. 50 Faces - one per week, reflecting the thousands of men and women who make us what we are: people believing in people. These are their words, their stories, our experience.


Author: Will Rossi

Jumper Day 2021

Every year, people across Cork get together to help us support people experiencing homelessness by wearing their Christmas jumpers to work, school or anywhere they can to raise much-needed funds. Sign-up today.


Author: Christina Giliberti

Paula's Story

"I’d a hard old life. I’ve been through the wars and back. I’m after doing so many things to my body I dunno how I’m here."
'Paula' comes from a town in Co. Kerry. In her own words she talks of how she becanme homeless, her pathway to Cork Simon and how she's now very much focused on her future.


Author: Paul Sheehan

Christmas Cards


Author: Paul Sheehan


men & women stayed in emergency accommodation in Cork in October.


of people staying in our emergency accommodation last year were women.


men and women depended on our nightly soup run in November.