Cork Simon, and all whose lives we touch, are working hard for a society without homelessness.

We are supporting more people into affordable, secure housing than ever before.

We are managing our emergency services in a more trauma-informed way, offering greater security and dignity to those who rely on our services.

"I think I can get myself together here. I’m talking more about my addiction; I feel safe here. I’m grabbing this opportunity with two hands and I’m not letting go. It’s absolutely brilliant." - Elizabeth.

Our impact in 2019

"The Soup Run was something to look forward to. You could get off the street for a few hours. You knew it was there, and you could count on it every day. That was guaranteed. I could go the whole day with nothing to eat, but I knew I could have a feed at the Soup Run. They were always so welcoming and I knew I’d have people I could talk to. It made a big difference to me. A big difference." - Adrian.

Our impact in 2018

  • 23% fewer people were sleeping rough compared to 2017.
  • 54% more people housed compared to 2017.
  • 11,905 hot meals served at our soup run.
  • Secured access to 24 additional housing units through social rentals, allocations from other approved housing bodies and from our own purchase of five homes.
  • 40 people supported to rebuild their lives through treatment or aftercare.
  • 120 hours of Recovery Coaching delivered for service users keen to develop life skills to aid their recovery.
  • 202 people participated in 475 training and education courses in the 12 months to September 2018.

"They gave me opportunity after opportunity. That then gave me belief in myself and confidence. The Employment and Training service helps you develop long term choices for yourself, which, when you’re homeless isn’t something you think of. You view your life in the very short term but when you start thinking about long term goals it changes your mindset." - Susan

Our impact in 2017