Dermot Kavanagh


Image of Cork Simons Director Dermot Kavanagh

Email Dermot

Phone: 021 4321 051

Kerry Brennan

Housing Support Services

Image of Cork Simons Head of Housing Support Services Kerry Brennan

Email Kerry

Phone: 021 4226 032

Ursula Galvin

Human Resources, Governance and Compliance

Image of Cork Simons Head of HR, Governance and Compliance

Email Ursula

Phone: 021 4929 408

Colin Meikle

Finance and Administration

Image of Cork Simons HEad of Finance and Admonistration Colin Meikle

Email Colin

Phone: 021 4929 403

Paul Sheehan

Campaigns and Communications

Image of Cork Simons Campaigns & Communications Manager Paul Sheehan

Email Paul

Phone: 021 2291 393

Mobile: 087 1219 203

Rachel Stevenson


Image of Cork Simons Head of Fundraising Rachel Stevenson

Email Rachel

Phone: 021 4929 400