Cork Simon Christmas Cards in Packs of Twelve

Keep in touch with friends, family and loved ones here at home and around the world this Christmas with our Cork Simon Christmas Cards.

Four beautiful designs with all the proceeds going to support people experiencing homelessness here in Cork.
Cork Simon Christmas Cards come in packs of twelve, including all four designs, and cost just €8.00 plus postage.
Card message reads: "Wishing You Peace and Happiness at Christmas & throughout the Year."

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Total cost for each 12-pack of Cork Simon Christmas Cards, including postage:
  • One pack (12 cards): €10.85 (inc. €2.85 postage).
  • Two packs (24 cards): €19.75 (inc. €3.75 postage).
  • Three packs (36 cards): €32.90 (inc. €8.90 postage).
  • Four packs (48 cards): €40.90 (inc. €8.90 postage).
  • Five packs (60 cards): €48.90 (inc. €8.90 postage).
  • Six packs (72 cards): €56.90 (inc. €8.90 postage).
  • Seven packs (84 cards): €64.90 (inc. €8.90 postage).

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