The homelessness crisis that has gripped our nation for years shows little sign of letting up.

For many people the economic impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has increased the risk for many more people falling into homelessness.

Every day here in Cork, we are seeing the impact this crisis is having on people’s lives. The evictions that result from the lack of affordable housing, rent hikes, unscrupulous landlords and job losses mean men, women and families with young children are finding themselves with nowhere to call home.

Enough is enough.

Something needs to change, and change now.

Will you send our personalised email to the Minister for Housing, Darragh O’Brien?

Our message to him is simple:

Please Send an Email below - you’ll find our pre-written email that you are welcome to change or expand as you see fit before signing your name and sending it with a simple click. You'll be letting Minister Darragh O’Brien know what steps need to be taken if we are to keep people from being pushed into homelessness.

We need to stop homelessness before it starts.
Before people find themselves on the streets, not after.

This is what we’re asking the Minister for Housing to do:

  1. Include a comprehensive homelessness prevention strategy with ring-fenced funding in Budget 2021.
  2. Ensure that 50% of all new public housing are one- and two-bed units. This would provide an average of 7,500 one- and two-bed social homes each year.
  3. Increase protection for renters, to ensure that tenants cannot be evicted into homelessness.


The impact of these three measures can help to stop homelessness before it starts. So please, send your message today – and if you can, please use social media or email to encourage your friends and family to do the same.

Thank You.