We believe that everyone should have fair access to
safe, secure and affordable housing

50 Faces of Cork Simon

50 Years in the making, decades in the refining. 50 Faces reflecting the thousands of men and women who make us what we are: people believing in people. These are their words, their stories, our experience.


Author: Will Rossi

Annual Report 2020


Author: Paul Sheehan

Homeless watch

The housing crisis is pushing people into homelessness and preventing people from leaving homelessness behind.

Our Emergency Shelter is overflowing. People are staying longer because they have no other options.

Rents in Cork continue to rise while supply remains at an all-time low; Rent Supplement & Housing Assistance Payments fall well-short of current market rents.

See the figures behind the crisis in our regularly updated Homeless Watch.



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Author: Paul Sheehan


people in emergency accommodation in Cork & Kerry in March.


of people staying in our emergency accommodation last year were women.


men and women turned to our nightly soup run for help in April.