Image of a Cork Simon work placement
People who are homeless can face many barriers in their efforts to return to work. A Cork Simon report – Working it Out found that 65% of people using our services worry about prejudice from employers because of their homelessness. 59% said they don’t feel confident looking for or returning to work.

More significantly, our Working Life longitudinal research study gives voice to the experiences of people as they move out of homelessness and into employment with our support. Part one of A Working Life: The Early Daysexplores the research participants motivations for working, the challenges they faced, the positives they found and the supports they valued in their early weeks of work. Part two: The Continuing Journey, highlights the longer-term positive impact of employment in supporting people out of homelessness and in rebuilding their lives.


Our jobs placement programme aims to address these and other barriers by working closely with local employers to provide direct support to people who are moving away from homelessness and towards work by improving their employability.

“It felt really good to be back in work and to realise that I can do this – I feel proud of myself and I’m looking forward to the future.” - Margaret

Participants benefit from the opportunity to improve their skills, gain confidence and mentally prepare for a return to work. The local employer stands to benefit from the opportunity for staff development, improved staff morale, and the reward of making a real difference in the life of someone moving on from homelessness.