Image of a service user participating in a Cork Simon training course
Completing formal education, upskilling and finding work are key to helping make sure people can leave homelessness behind.

Our employment & training team works across all Cork Simon services, liaising with external education providers, training agencies and local employers where necessary so that people working to leave homelessness behind them can begin to interact with the wider community and start building quality of life. It’s a practical way to help people build self-confidence and develop new skills.


“Cork Simon has given me that opportunity to move forward. I’m in Intreo every day from Tuesday to Friday; I’m doing interpersonal skills, communications, FETAC 4, addiction studies. I’m putting myself forward for every opportunity that’s available, bettering myself the whole time. I’m grateful that I can just keep moving forward now with my life.” - Pat


Our employment and training team works one-to-one with people, helping to identify gaps in training and education and any possible employment opportunities.

Cork Simon service users at the annual Employment & Training Awards Ceremony
A Cork Simon report – Working it Out – explores many of the barriers people using Cork Simon services face when attempting to return to education or find work. Working it Out found that:

  • 92% were long-term unemployed.
  • 65% were early school leavers.
  • 65% perceived prejudice among potential employers.
  • 63% were in poor mental or physical health.
  • 59% expressed low confidence and self-esteem.
  • 54% had no formal qualifications.
  • 52% had a diagnosed learning difficulty, functional illiteracy or poor concentration levels.
  • 91% believed they were not ‘work-ready’ – lacking the necessary skills to find employment.


Our employment & training team works to address these and other issues and barriers. The team helps organise and arrange appropriate training, offering encouragement and advice to each person along the way.

The team also liaises with employers throughout Cork, identifying any potential suitable employment opportunities for people using Cork Simon services.