David Lane is a Social Inclusion Specialist for HSE Cork / Kerry Community Healthcare. His diverse role involves working with people who are vulnerable and on the margins, especially people with addictions, in the Direct Provision system, travellers, the LGBT community and people affected by homelessness. David’s work had led to a close working partnership with us over the years.

"As much as I like to think that we, in the HSE, make a significant contribution to supporting some of the most vulnerable people in Cork City, we are not synonymous with homeless services in Cork.
I think we are a very important part of it but if you were to ask anybody on the streets of Cork City who are the organisations who provide support to the homeless people in Cork City, the first answer you will always get will be Cork Simon.
They are really important to me because they support some of the most vulnerable people in our city.
The way we work together and the partnerships that we have forged over a long number of years are such that it has made a difference to people."

David says one of the things he admires about Cork Simon is that it's always forward thinking...