Our Day Service on Anderson’s Quay is home to a range of services, including a specialist health team, our Rough Sleeper Service, our Night Light emergency accommodation service, our Soup Run each evening, and our Employment and Training Service.

Supports for rough sleepers

Image of people attending the Rough Sleeper Service at Cork Simons Day Service on Andersons Quay

Our Outreach Team is responsible for the Rough Sleeper Service, which offers people sleeping rough a nourishing breakfast, shower, laundry, access to the health team, and advice and referrals to various homeless services throughout Cork that are appropriate to each person's needs.

A dedicated health team

Image of a health consultation with the AHIMT at Andersons Quay

The Adult Homeless Integrated Health Team is a specialist team of doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals who are experienced in treating the often complex physical and mental health conditions associated with homelessness. The team works specifically with people sleeping rough and those staying in emergency accommodation. They played a pivotal role in responding to the risks and challenges posed by Covid-19 to the health and wellbeing of people using our services.

“This time two years ago I was living on the streets. To where I am today – from someone who was using drugs for the past 27 years to being 16 months clean, is massive. It’s a complete 360.” - 'Pat'

Night Light emergency accommodation

Image of Cork Simon staff laying mattressess on the florr of our Day Centre in preparation for our Night Light emergency accommodation service.
Our Night Light emergency accommodation service operates from our Day Service each night from 11.00pm until 7.30am the next morning. It consists of mattresses on the floor of the Day Service - while not ideal, it offers people a much better alternative to sleeping rough on the street.

Employment and training supports

Image of a one-to-one training session with Cork Simons Employment & Training Team.

Our Employment & Training Team supports people who have often left school early and are long-term unemployed to complete their formal education, retrain and return to the workforce. Employment & Training drop-in clinics operate from our Day Service.


People presenting to our Day Service are among the most marginalised, vulnerable and excluded people in Cork. As such, the Covid-19 pandemic posed a very high risk to their health, safety and wellbeing.

We moved quickly to alert, inform and train our staff and volunteers to address the risks. We immediately introduced essential measures such as social distancing, use of Personal Protective Equipment, hand sanitising and additional daily cleaning.

We worked to make sure everyone using our Day Service was constantly reminded of the importance of hand and respiratory hygiene, and the need for social distancing. All of these measures remain in place.

See how Covid-19 has impacted every aspect of our work, and the men and women depending on our services.