Riverview Eggs have supported Cork Simon through a weekly donation of eggs since 2014. D.J. Kelleher, Managing Director at Riverview Eggs speaks about how his upbringing has influenced his social responsibility ethos, and about what Cork Simon means to him.

“I think accepting and admitting are two massive hurdles for anybody to go through, whatever might be troubling them.

And then the next step is the fact that they have to reach out. They're reaching out to people who care, thankfully, and who won't judge them, because they've already judged themselves, and it has to be a terribly lonely place for that person.

And that's what I think Simon Community does; it's the hand you want when you need help.

I suppose somewhere in there, I'm able to contribute because, as much in all as you're the hand for people to reach out to when they need help, you guys need help to be able to give out that hand, and somehow, I'm feeding into that.”

D.J. elaborates on how his upbringing has contributed to his philosophy on social responsibility…