Our four high-support houses provide intensive levels of around-the-clock care for 43 men and women whose health and other needs are such that living independently is not currently sustainable. All four houses are staffed by a team of experienced care workers and trained volunteers.

Our high-support houses aim to maximise people's privacy and independence as much as possible while making their home in a congregate setting. Empowerment, harm reduction, community integration, coaching and recovery are prioritised over care and supervision.

Our four high-support houses are:

  • Clanmornin House, Boreenmanna Road.
  • Mill House, Anderson’s Quay.
  • Tír na nÓg, Blackrock.
  • 4 / 6 Parkview, Victoria Road.

A fifth house - Gateway on Leitrim Street, is also a high-support setting that is part of our addiction supports services. Gateway focuses on men and women working to stabilise their alcohol and / or drug use prior to entering a treatment programme.

“I love it here; I think this is what I was dreaming of…I’m a changed man, a very, very changed man. All my troubled days are over, thank God. I feel well safe when I’m in this house 'cause I knows I’m not out on the street.” – ‘Richard’

A Cork Simon health study of all people using Cork Simon services, Homelessness Makes You Sick, found that among high-support housing residents:

  • 81% had a diagnosed physical health condition.
  • The most common conditions were wounds & injuries (32%), heart related conditions (27%), digestive disorders (24%) and muscle and bone disorders (22%).
  • 59% had a diagnosed mental health condition.
  • The most common mental health conditions were depression (41%), schizophrenia (17%), and bipolar disorder (7%).
  • 49% had both a diagnosed physical and mental health condition.
  • 15% attempted suicide in the previous six months.
  • 15% self-harmed.

All five High-Support houses are shared living – people have their own rooms and share kitchen and common living areas.

Each High-Support resident is assigned a key-worker. A care plan for each resident is updated regularly.