After almost fifteen years in and out of homelessness, Kenny is finally home. He's in a community where he feels accepted. He's keeping busy with a new circle of friends, staying firmly connected with family and he's about to start a college course. Doors are opening, he says, from finally getting his own place.

”I have my own home and pay my own bills. As long as I keep building on it...that's the foundation. I was going to call it a building block, but it's actually a foundation because you can't build nothing without foundation.
My mam's always been there for me...she's a rock for me. Other family members too, but my mam is one in a million. It's good to be able to have a permanent fixture that you can invite people, whoever it might be, especially my mam, down for a cup of tea, or for dinner, or just for a chat or whatever, you know? It's something good. It's a solid base to build off because we never had it ever in my life.
So eventually I have somewhere solid like; a house that has an effect all around my family. It just makes things a lot more plausible and possible than the situation I was 18 months ago in a homeless hostel with not really much things to go for."

Kenny talks about the people important to him in helping him break free from the cycle of homelessness...