Tammy has lived at Clanmornin House, our High Support House on Boreenmanna Road, known as ‘BMR’, for five years. 

”I give it to people that can live independently because that wouldn’t be for me.
I’d be more suitable around these places - I’m around people, I can talk to people, I can go into me room, mind my own business.
But living in a flat, no, I wouldn’t like it at all, at all. It's just, I lived in a flat, I think it was once or twice and it was lonely, whatever.
Having people around you is a bonus. So, these kinda places suit me more. It’s more like I’m back in the home that I was reared up in. I was in care with 20 girls like, since I was young, since 11 years of age.”

Tammy talks about the skills and the support she gains from her education classes ...