Kristine Breilid is learning a lot and contributing a lot during her 12-week student placement with our Housing First Team. From Norway, Kristine is studying for a Bachelor's degree in Social Work and Counselling at Volda University College, Norway.

”Helping people to achieve what they want to achieve - not what I think is best for them, through individualised services, is a big part of the course, and I think that Cork Simon really works to those ethics as well.
Working here has given me greater perspective on homelessness; hearing different people's stories and what they want to achieve in life and what they're considering as a good life, and that's what I was hoping.
I’m shadowing the team and as I get more comfortable, I get to work more individually, and that feels great as well."

Kristine recounts how a visit to Cork Simon in 2018 sowed the seed for her career path...