Máire's volunteering experience with Cork Simon came full circle when she re-joined the community as a part-time volunteer at Anderson's Quay, having also volunteered at John Street in the mid 70s.


"I was so pleasantly surprised when I went into Anderson’s Quay. It struck me immediately how organised it was, how the mayhem of John Steet wasn’t in Anderson's Quay, but the camaraderie and the ethos was, so t'was a win, win really.
I think I’ve had a good rapport with the people over the years, and that has continued. I just like the clients. I enjoy the conversations I have with the people.
What really still strikes me today is the resilience that people have; life has thrown so many curve balls at them.
What I've learned in Simon really is I accept people as they are. I don’t judge because it was brought home to me in several different instances, you know, given the background that some of these men and women have gone through, would I have done any better? Probably not. I probably wouldn’t even be here today.
It definitely influenced my values as I went on in life. It made me a more rounded person, more accepting of difference and actually embracing difference. They've made me a better person is what I'd say."

Máire talks about dignity and trust as she recollects the people who called John Street home and the experiences they confided by the fire ...