Marguerite has participated in our Training and Employment Programme for over ten years. Recently, she joined our Community Employment (CE) Scheme and is a valued team member.

”I do cleaning in the offices two days a week and it gives me a purpose to get up on those two mornings, to get myself ready, and head into work as I call it.
It's not that hard to do but it gives me a great pleasure doing it. I enjoy going into the offices; there’s a great atmosphere in there, they’re all nice people in there. I feel like when I come in it's like I never left.
During the courses that I’ve done, there was a lot of personal development, and now that I’m at work, I can actually see how they're helping me to be more confident, to ask questions, 'cause that's how you learn.
I feel happy in myself when I come home from work, knowing that I’m after achieving. It's a constant learning game. You can never say you learn too much, you're learning every day like, and I enjoy that.”

Marguerite speaks about her experience of training and education classes at Cork Simon...