Pat Higgisson is an Architectural Consultant with McNamara & Partners. For over 30 years Pat has been involved in the consultation, design and build of many Cork Simon properties. In his video, Pat discusses two Cork Simon residential houses, Clanmornin and Tír na nÓg.

“I have periodic involvement with Simon. Like the tide, we’re coming out and going back.
When I get a phone call from Simon, and they have something that they would like to consider investigating, there's a great feeling about it, there's mad enthusiasm.
I'll design housing to the way I think that people will be comfortable living in it and that it would give them some sort of safe, secure, chance. The rest of it is probably up to the infrastructure they have to support them and to themselves.
I'm proud to have done work for Simon. For me personally, it gives me great satisfaction, being given the opportunity to either design something or to help in some way."

Pat discusses design and wellbeing...