Sebastian is staying in temporary Cork Simon shared accommodation. He is back to work, back on track, and searching for a home of his own, but high prices and low supply are considerable obstacles.

“I always say I have good life. Even experience be homeless show me what I can do and how I can change my life.
I will be always grateful for the support I got. Thanks to that I feel much better than I felt on beginning of my road.
I back to work, I take care of myself and now I ready to take new step and find some permanent accommodation, but very hard to find. 
Before, I always thought somehow, everything will be grand, nothing bad will happen. After that homeless experience, my thinking is a little different.
If I will have my own accommodation, I will feel secure, I will know I'm in my own place... this will be home.”

Sebastian shares his feelings of insecurity following homelessness, and how securing a home of his own will be the antidote…