Dermot Kelly is Director of Global Regulatory Affairs with Pfizer and co-ordinates the Corporate Social Responsibility programme for the Ringaskiddy site.
Pfizer have supported Cork Simon for over 20 years and the relationship has deepened to a partnership based on shared values and understanding. In 2019, through company funds and staff and contractor contributions, Pfizer funded and supported the renovation of Cork Simon’s Riverview apartments.

“We support a lot of organisations, but we don’t have that direct link and collaboration with any other charitable organisation that we have with Simon.
I think there's a very strong partnership now between Pfizer and Simon. 
Education and interaction, things like that, have certainly brought people closer. We have regular communication updates in terms of Simon and to understand and to be part of that, it’s fantastic. I think people feel now they're part of Simon in a way.
If people work together, it's amazing what they can do.”

Dermot talks about the importance of understanding and knowledge in building the lasting partnership between Pfizer and Cork Simon...