Paul Rocks is a Project Worker/ Case Manager with the Cork Region Housing First Service.
He has worked with Cork Simon since 2009, starting initially as a full-time volunteer. He has spent time working in the emergency shelter, in the employment and training project and is now part of the Housing First team.

"Cork Simon has given me a great career, it has given me the opportunity to do something I feel is valuable, to contribute to society and do really valuable and important work. As well as that, when I was a full-time volunteer I met my long-term partner, who was also a volunteer at the time. We're still together and we have a son now. So, Cork Simon is definitely intertwined in my life. It’s been a great place to work.
The Housing First project is the solution to homeless, I really do believe that. Housing First is the solution to working with the most long-term homeless people.I feel it is a great opportunity, I’m privileged to be working with the lads and working in the Housing First team and to be part of solving this problem. ”

Paul talks about how the Covid-19 pandemic highlighted the importance of support for their tenants.