Eoin MacCuirc is a long-standing volunteer with a unique perspective. He has been involved with Cork Simon since the 1990s. He volunteers at the shelter, where he plays cards and chats with service users, and at Tír na nÓg, one of our high support houses, where he works on gardening projects with service users. He also chairs our voluntary Board of Directors

“I really get a great kick out of going in and playing cards. We’re just a community connected on a very simple level; I’m there saying I see you, you see me, and everything is okay; just people having fun.
Some of the residents have had really traumatic backgrounds, really traumatic lives. Just that you can sit and have a game of cards, have a laugh and a cup of tea, it’s a really nice thing to do.
Being a member of Cork Simon means being part of a community; a community of care that is actually making a difference in people’s lives and to be part of that is a wonderful experience.”

Eoin talks about causes of and solutions to homelessness ...